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The Postscript

The Postscript is always 600 words, often funny, usually thoughtful, and never political. In a world where there is no shortage of dire news, The Postscript aims to provide a small dose of positivity each week. 
Carrie Classon finds meaning in the mundane, chronicling her encounters with dogs, the ongoing antics of Stubby the Red Squirrel, and the bittersweet joys of growing older.
Syndicated by Andrews McMeel Universal, The Postscript is carried in more than 200 newspapers nationwide.

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"The humor and compassion you express in your columns speaks perfectly to the true meaning of community.


There's a widespread misconception that nobody reads newspapers anymore, but I know it's not true. People will always seek out great writing on topics that touch their lives, and I think The Postscript does that".


~Tim Spitzack (Editor, St. Paul Voice)

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