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Coming Soon: Loon Point 

"Beloved Place" by Emily Anderson

Carrie Classon’s column, The Postscript, is syndicated by Andrews McMeel Universal and has more than two million weekly readers. Loon Point is an extended love letter to her faithful newspaper readers who have been waiting for more than 600 words a week.

Wendell is a 72-year-old hoarder whose roof and identity are threatening to collapse on his head. Lizzie is an 8-year-old whose mom is taking pills. Both Wendell and Lizzie are running out of options by the time they get to the Last Resort. Perched on the lakeshore at the end of Loon Point, the Last Resort is owned and operated by the practical (and occasionally lonely) Norry Last.
Deep in the remote lake country of northern Minnesota, Loon Point appears to the outsider as nothing more than an unincorporated town, deep in the remote lake country of northern Minnesota—a ragtag cluster of seasonal cottages and log cabins sprinkled along the lakeshore. In reality, Loon Point is a special place where healing happens, profound changes occur, and miracles transpire regularly.
Told with light humor and deep empathy, Loon Point is an uplifting, feel-good story about Loon Point and those who find themselves at the Last Resort.

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