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AMAZ Entertainment invites you to experience The Postscript live. Nationally syndicated columnist, Carrie Classon, writes The Postscript for Andrews McMeel Universal which appears in 200 newspapers nationwide. Carrie’s unique brand of honesty, humor, and optimism will leave you feeling a little better about tomorrow.


“Carrie Classon simplifies our complex lives through her observations of nature, pets, and husbands. Each column is a feast for the senses. I can smell the puppies, feel the wind in the pines, and hear the hummingbirds fight.”

—Cimarron Valley Weekender

“The Postscript is a breath of fresh air in a world that finds excuses to search out the negative. Instead of joining the chaos, she focuses on the small things that add value to our lives.” —The Orange Leader

Carrie has the ability to touch people at different levels—I laugh out loud, and every now and then shed a tear. To be able to pull those kinds of emotions out of your audience takes talent—and Carrie has plenty. —Sagamore News Media

“If The Postscript were a cake, Carrie’s obvious passion for life would be the frosting.” —Cleveland Daily Banner

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