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The Postscript:

Observations from the Best Half of Life

Carrie Classon is a breath of fresh air. Her journalism is down to earth and the experiences about which she writes leaves the reader with a comforting sense of empathy. If The Postscript were a cake, Carrie’s obvious passion for life would be the frosting.

— Cleveland Daily Banner

Carrie Classon’s heartwarming and humorous stories are a not-to-be-missed tribute to life at middle-age.

The show premiered at the Santa Fe Playhouse and was featured entertainment in the Norwegian Cruise Line Headliners Lounge.

Each show is uniquely adapted to the venue with customized material. Carrie remains on hand to sign books, meet audience members, and answer embarrassing questions.


Carrie has the ability to touch people at different levels—humor most often but also on a very human and personal level. I often chuckle, sometimes laugh out loud, and every now and then shed a tear. To be able to pull those kinds of emotions out of your audience takes talent—and Carrie has plenty. All I can say is if she comes to our market, I'll be in the front row.

—Sagamore News Media